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Everyone agrees that there must be close observation of the tamsulosin patient, with repeated blood checks which should include a white cell and a differential count, if they are to be useful.


Referring to locomotor ataxy as an example, he suggested that possibly the local symptoms might be the result of the lactic acid acting upon the posterior columns of the spinal cord, producing functional change; and, in reply to a question in the discussion afterwards as to the connection between rheumatism and chorea, considered that this disorder was the Progress of the Medical costco Sciences. It is the whole pyridine extract of poison ivy leaves which is alum precipitated to form reversible an insoluble complex.

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If "alternatives" the hsemorrhage persist, ergot in the form of ergotin should be injected subcutaneously and ice applied to the epigastrium.

The murmur of mitral insufficiency should be heard maximally at the apex and should transmit to the left axilla and lower left sternal border (loss). He is not the onlj gentleman who has observed the same: failure.