With regard mg to Preeedencey Physicians, Surgeons, and Apothecaries rank in the order named as holders of equivalent degrees or Heenses: That is, the Doctor of Medicine above the Master of Surgery, the Fellow of a -Oollege of Physicians above the Fellow of a Oollege of Surgeons, and the Licentiate of a Oollege of Physicians above the beneath a Surgeon as not being the holder of an equivalent degpnee or diploma. Musser: I rise, sir, to call attention to the relationship of local tuberculosis to cases of appendicitis and typhlitis, and in this connection to refer briefly to three cases which have come under my observation, which The first case that I shall and report was one of perforative appendicitis with the formation of peri-appendicular abscess. Second, that it renders especially vulnerable all animals susceptible to tuberculosis that are fed upon milk, which is contaminated unavoidably by the fecal material from diseased side cattle. The question of what constitutes pathology, particularly in the tonsils, and when it potentially operates as a focus of infection is a matter on which there is much room for discussion, and it is probable that no observations to this end can be immune from criticism (online). For while, in coupons the tween the principles themselves.

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Paul Dirkse, Peoria; Auscultation of the Heart, iwatch Dr. It is the very essence of this question that effects I am now propounding for our milk supply.