Of course in every instance, a person of experience has been followed by one without experience in the work of supervision, and frequently the appointee must spend much time in becoming acquainted with the schools, the teachers, and the plan of work inaugurated by his predecessor (much).

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Through its governing body pay to the physicians or medical organization rendering this service, at least a small if not a reasonable part of the expense incident thereto, and we beg to submit the following plan: The plan as submitted how by Dr.

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It is not my purpose to dispute in any way the fact that many cases of paralysis occurring in the course of phthisis are due to lesions of the central nervous system and its membranes; but I desire to emphasize reviews the fact that a multiple neuritis may produce paralysis in tubercular individuals, and the importance of appreciating this possibility cannot be too strongly urged, since the treatment, as well as the prognosis, will differ widely according to the diagnosis made. Hair - the water is an almost pm-e thermal; slightly acidulated. Dog;' gives its name loss to the Dogdays, Dies canicxda'res, because they commence when the sun rises with it, was formerly believed to exert a powerful influence on the animal economy. She now takes a calm, intelligent interest in the war, and helps with knitting dosage for the soldiers.


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