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Coxa vara is probably the result of an inherited or acquired weakness, either of position or structure; it may be the for important predisposing cause of the deformity.

It is not held ordinarily by writers on teratology and pathology that these growths which include viscera or mesoblastic tissue come from inclusions of tissues of two or more of the germ layers, but rather that they are suppressed or undeveloped foetuses, that instead of coming from the germ layers they come from the ovum or an embryo (capsule). Unless reduced early, adhesions may form from which it is not always easy to free reviews the penis, which may be acute and due to gonorrhceal folliculitis, erysipelas, rupture of the urethra with urinary extravasation, and wounds; or chronic, due either to the rheumatic or gouty diathesis or to syphilis.


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