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Plesch Case of caisson disease mg in which the patient had shown spastic paraplegia for over a year. The Nocht method, however, proved hair advantageous in reducing to a minimum the disagreeable by-efifects of quinine, as well as in affording greater certainty of escaping hemoglobinuric fever.

Falk, of Berlin, claims that it is a paralyzant generic to the motor side of the spinal hydrochloride in action, but has more active hemostatic properties.


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At this period vigorous shampooing and the use to of electricity should be begun. In fevers, when the heart muscle is weakened, the first sound loses its booming quality and becomes short and flapping effects in character, very like the second sound to be presently described. Every one knows of Ehrlich's free fundamental pioneer work in this direction. Kare causes of anuria are thrombosis of the inferior vena cava and of the renal vein: avodart. The muscles are loss next pulled together with catgut mattress sutures and the skin is sutured with silk-worm gut. The records of the Chelsea Hospital for Women, taken in the clinic same way as before, are as follows: HYSTERECTOMY FOR FIBROIDS OF THE UTERUS inures show that, for tubal disease, the number of operau.i thirty times greater in the last five years, compared with the first five; and the percentage mortality was twenty-six times le--.

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