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Beat the white of one egg until firm; when the sugar is ready set it from the stove long enough to stop boiling, then pour on to the egg slowly, but continually, beating rapidly; continue to beat until of the right consistency to spread on the cake and flavor while beating; it hardens very quickly after it is ready day to put on the cake, so it is best to have the white of another egg ready to add a littte if it gets too hard to spread smoothly.

Calves by allowing ttiem to suck the cow, it has been considered the pharmacy best plan to let them suckle two pairs in succession and one afteriwards, making five calves in all.

The book was published more than two years ago and therefore is not up to date in many instances, but uses even considering this fact it fails to present methods which we are accustomed to find reliable and convenient. F., generic the proportions of oil and acacia relative to the total ammount have been slightly fluidounces. Then filter, medication add Glycerite of Hydrastis. Far more, however, it seems to us, stands out the essential difference between man and animals which makes it unpossible every for us to apply to ourselves without considerable modification, the diet and hygiene enforced for animals. The art of gilding and plating, both with silver and gold, appears also to have been known in his time, for wood and baser metals are mentioned as having been covered with these more 0.5 precious substances. Address taking In corresponding with Advertisers, please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER. It not only eliminates from the blood the deleterious agent before it crystallizes, but dissolves it in the form of calculi, at least to a size that renders its passage along the ureters and urethra comparatively easy.""I have paid a great deal of attention to Urinary Troubles, and have frequently and freely prescribed the Lithia Water in their treatment, with the very best results: uk. An exclusive milk diet no other liquid or canada solid during the day or night for four to seven consecutive days comprises this deservedly renowned cure.