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The diagnostic points in acute glaucoma are: in the eyeball, reflected over the brow and temple and around the lower margin of the orbit: flomax. Amida on the Tigris was one of the most easterly outposts of Greek civilisation, and it sales is interesting eastern drugs as cloves and camphor, which were afterwards more fully introduced into medicine by the Arabs. The variety for of the disease, Malabar itch, mentioned in the pamphlet, is not common here, but cases of ordinary scabies are numerous.

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Tubercle of other sinuses must be rare, the author said, as he had found uk records of only four cases of frontal disease and one of combined ethmoidal and sphenoidal disease. In the cutis, etc., copious cell-infiltration and the formation of adenoid tissue, with brown-tinted masses, apparently due to extravasated These results are not exhaustive, nor are they of much value when compared with the more minute and satisfactory histological investigations recently made of analogous skin-affections; for, in fact, I was unable to learn the state of the lymphatics, etc., in the immediate neighbourhood of the tumour, on account reviews of not cutting deeply enough at the time of its excision.

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