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His reception at the opening of the new Medical School, last October, is fresh in the memory of all who were present, and will not medication be readily forgotten. Tripier of Paris priority in the believes that all inflammatory conditions of the uterus arise from interstitial or intra-vascular inertia, and that this inertia, mostly post-puerperal, deranges the circulation and causes congestion and the stagnation, and arrest of nutrition of the organ. A slight escape of sanious fluid from the wound took place a few hours after the operation (online). Of the three varieties, the buy enteric is the rarest; and here no tumor can be made out, as a rule. Owing to the obscurity which still hangs al)Out this disease, both with regard to its origin and, in many respects, with regard to its method of spread, no greater service could well be done to the science of epidemiology than that uk medical officers of health should carefully note and record all the circumstances associated with the outbreaks which come THE DUTY or MEDICAL OFFICERS OF HEALTH.