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On behalf of the Allegheny County Medical Society (growth). Central hemorrhages may also burst into the membranes as well as into the ventricles of the brain and in some instances the hemorrhage is almost entirely intra It is a rare event to find a rupture in any of the large arteries of the circle of Willis, although white patches of atheroma are often using seen upon them at autopsy. He thought that the wounds produced by explosive projectiles, aside from the great does destruction of tissues attending them, were doubtless aggravated by the chemicals to which the explosive properties were due.


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Neglected pleurisy sometimes, but not buy always, precedes empyema. I do not say I shall oppose it upon the ground but I claim that that was not the proper way by which the members of this Council you should have increased their remuneration. No one specialty or philosophy should dominate out the work of the committee. The lesson from these several discrepancies is that Dreyer attaches more value to his formulae than is justified by the facts (how). Through these channels let us work with all the energy that in us lies, that enthusiasm may beget enthusiasm, and the celebration be not only the crown of fifty successful years, but the cradle of coming centuries of far wider for success.

It is probable that bad air, inferior diet, and crowding animals into filthy cost locations have more to do with the production of the so-called" hog cholera" and the well-known pleuro-pneumonia than some persons are apt to realize. He exhibited a delicate modified hook, which he loss had used with success for a number of years. Women's - the Medical Center is adding to its staff a full-time director of medical education and full-time chiefs of medicine, surgery, gynecology-obstetrics, and pediatrics.

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