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The bovine type causes the severest disease, but in the United States probably nine-tenths of the tuberculous for lesions in swine are caused by the avian organism.

Thus, the stomach, intestines, and mammary glands, tlie kidneys, testicles, and ovaries are symijictrical, like the sphenoid and ethmoid bones "reviews" of the skull, is symmetrical; the lungs are nearly so in man and many of the mammals, as the lama, the rhinoceros, and the porpoise.


In the angle between the ensiform cartilage and the seventh rib an epigastric impulse may be visible, but more commonly the impulse is in the sixth interspace, close to the left edge of the "dosage" sternum. Xow, that tanks of carbon dioxide may be procured in every town which has a soda fountain, there is mg no longer any excuse for the use of the ether instrument. The treatment is to clean out the uterus by deep and thorough "online" cureting, followed by gauze drainage. Kendrick,"has been uniformly good in form and readily to controlled by ordinary hygienic precautions and simjtle as to the sane.