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The first diagnosis was unchanged by this examination, the same features being present in "dosage" both.


Denver Clinical and Pathological Soc, Med Soc of Denver; Vis Surg St Joseph's Hosp: month.

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In the lower extremities patients often complain of a peculiar numbness of the limb, a fact which is entirely due to the position in sitting; the limb is markedly extended, and simple extension of the sciatic nerve will produce this condition either in or out of the machine, and has nothing to do with the action of heat upon nervous tissues (is). He describes as the normal method the antecolic gastrojejunostomy of"Wolfler, improved in the sense that the intestine is to be attached to the stomach over a greater extent, so as to prevent kinking at the junction, and, in the second place, by the duodenal junction, while in the stomach he selects the lowest part of the pyloric antrum, jumbo and at this point he detaches the gastrocolic ligament from the greater curvature. Now, one of the advantages which must result from the residence of the student in a quiet professional family is, that this wholesale avoidance of every object for which he came to town can there hardly take place. Miller Reuben B, Ft prostate Screven, Ga. Never hair forget that these small bullets will kill.

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