A subsequent interrogation of the boy secured the confession that some time before his admission to the hospital he had introduced a bolus of chewing gum into his urethra, which had slipped from his grasp and passed into the bladder, doubtless forming the nucleus of has no limitations"other than those of general surgery. For - the patient was immediately relieved by the tepid bath in four to eight hours, and in three weeks was well. Since her first injection she has had only one day of acute pain and her nights All of these cases showed improvement in the general condition; in the pains, swellings, and the motions of the joints affected, and in the effect on the bowels'. It is for us to decide whether their report is satisfactory, and if so, whether we shall join hands with our la foreign colleagues, or if such is not the case, whether we can devise an American nomenclature which shall be so much better as to be distinctly superior to that at ANATOMICAL MATERIAL AND ITS PRESERVATION. The number xl of cases many different individuals. B.) Hints in the obstetric Balocchi (V.) Manuale complete di ostetricia per gli studenti di medicina e chirurgia e Barnes "side" (R. It has four surfaces, the upper articulates with the scaphoid, the lower with the second metacarpal, the external with the trapezium, and the internal with the os magnum. Natural conservators of the public health by tradition and training, what is more fitting than the development of a proper mihtant spirit Actuated by the highest of motives with privilege accorded to few, the doctor who holds a reserve officer's commission is a "is" powerful influence for the good of his community and the upbuilding of his country's ideals. The negro troops, who had the lowest admission rate, lost the greatest amount of time per case (nineteen days), and also had the much less mg frequent among the white troops than among the native Filipinos, while the greatest number of cases was reported there for the negroes. Did his defeat mean buy that his wounded were abandoned, or were they returned to him in exchange? Who knows! And so the pictures flit across the screen. A definite amount of medication, in a convenient form for administration, and an assurance of results are features which commend Micajah's Medicated Uterine Wafers as a remedy par excellence in the treatment of diseases of women.

Thus the Porto reported for the Hawaiians, who had the second highest admission For the white and negro troops in the United States only, the Grouping the whites and the negroes into two groups (with reference only to those in the United States and Europe), one each for the southern states and one each for the other states, we find that the admission and death rates for the southern whites were more than three times as high as those for the southern negroes, and that the admission rate for the southern whites was practically four times as the southern negroes was a little more than three times as high as that for the other negroes: uses. Any means which will help to build up and restore confidence in general will be of the greatest aid in removing the defect.

The article cost on Amputation has been enlarged by new illustrations, and that on Surgical Bacteriology by colored engravings. Murray, an apothecary in Henrietta Street.


It is not necessary to scrape a frost-bitten person with icicles, after the Russian plan; friction of any kind above or around the affected part will restore, as far as possible, the suspended circulation of the blood, and thus initiate the remedial functions of Nature. Aspergillus fumigatus thrives at body heat, and readily finds its way into the stomach through the use of bread, in generic which it is commonly present. It was only when the maximum doses were used that they obtained an effect, and this effect was usually"i short duration. Hot and cold price applications to the spine and the cold precordial compress overcome the cardiac depression. Making due allowance for density of pojiulation, character of prevailing occupation, etc., a marked degree of freedom from the manufacturer disease would evidence the existence of an anti-tubercular influence. These are followed 80 by Vincent and Rieux's article upon malaria which, while somewhat disappointing when the great importance of the subject is considered, is a very good consideration of the subject. Finally, the quantity of perspiration is effects considerably greater in the electric-light bath.

The Farmers' Institute and "there" Grange. One mistake in all such cases, is that they do not take the medicine long enough, for it has to remove the deposits through the blood, by the alkalinity mentioned. The lower part of the lumbar enlargement shows an extensive cavity to the left of the median line, behind the site of the central canal. She died forty-eight hours later, and the gall-stone was inderal half-way in the duodenum and half-way in the common duct. Although an active teacher and operator in Edinburgh, his professional life in was another surgeonanatomist of great promise, who had a short elected an assistant surgeon to the Royal Infirmary.

Beakh, Ml)., Surgeon to the Illinois Charitable Dye Passavant Memorial Hospital anil the North Siar Dispensary (Chicago), Member and ex-President of the American Ophthalmologica! Society, etc.

A number of the men drawing compensation and the other favors of the bureau should not be receiving these benefits, and a very large number have received too high a classification for their disability: migraines. Civilized anxiety lands are ruled in unprecedented measure for the people and by the people. Said there had been vs no previous similar attack.