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In a recent paper' I have reviewed this entire subject of recurrence after operations on the biliary passages, and the above description of the pathology of our observations, both during life and on the autopsy table, only emphasizes how important it is for both the surgeon and the internist to have a thorough understanding of these changes if we wish to have: first, more satisfactory results following our gallbladder operations; and second, to lower the mortality not only of drainage and removal of the gallbladder but of drainage of the In closing let me hope that this paper may be of service to both the internist and surgeon in showing the former why he must not expect too much in from surgical interference in cases of long standing, biliary infection and point out to the surgeon why our operations upon the biliary tract at the present day should be as thorough as is compatible with the condition of the patient.

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The recent session of the Academy of Medicine was almost wholly devoted to an exposition by my eminent master and friend, General Tuffier, of the wonderful advances made in first aid cost and front line surgery. She has adopted his craven word only to find herself in the end combination its dupe and victim. If the surface on which the body is lying per is irregular, portions of the skin receiving pressure from these irregularities remain pale.