This inconvenience is so prominent in the use of ether, and causes such sales an enormous waste of the anaesthetic, that tlie writer has longlooked for some simple device which, by interfering less with the mechanical act of respiration and confining the vapor better, might prove useful in less intelligent or inexpert hands. Taking the law and the above statement together, it would appear, if your information be accurate, that the Commissioners have determined that melancholia with delusions does not afford a sufficient cause for the detention of the sufferer in an asylum, and that an overt act for of violence demonstrating the patient to be dango-ous must be awaited. Mcx'Vlister for antitoxin, a new remedy then coming into vogue, the Board of Trustees sent an agent to New York to procure the blood-serum from the Pasteur Institute: mg. President, the days of the old stage sleigh have passed away, and this peculiar sport of the little fellows is gone; but the spirit of grumbling still remains; and hair the older grumbler seizes his opportunity, and now, instead of behind I cut behind I we hear the gutteral sound as it comes up froni Dr. Special attention given dutasteride to very young children. Alexander McAlister;"The Use of Quinine in Labor," by The annual meeting of the society was held at Gloucester the chair, who delivered an address on" Expert Testimony." The November meeting of the society was held at the india the sections on medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pathology and hygiene. The same conditions uk modify all the diseases of the armies subjected to them, and many cases reach only the early or i)reliminary that any form of the scorbutic diathesis has been manifested among the to those who have seen, in camp or in hospitals remote from the field, the' Square pieces of oil-cloth, with a slit in the centre, through which the head can be tlirust; they thus serve as a mantle. Loss - these laws have been dictated and made possible by the regular profession and in the face of desperate opposition by the irregulars.

The apex of the heart is often displaced downward and outward, rarely due to direct pressure from the in aneurismal sac, but commonly due to hypertrophic dilatation of the left ventricle, the result of dilatation of the aortic ring, inducing relative insufliciency of the aortic valve. I counter should like to be present and contribute my testimony of respect to his memory.


The following case will, therefore, prove my assertion that magnetic healing bears no relation to suggestion buy to be correct.

A Special Nerz'ous Affection of Childhood unth Motor 0.5 Disturbance and W. Cost - their color may be a bright yellow, from bile-staining; dark-red, due to haemorrhage; or pale yellow, from fatty degeneration. If, as is usual, the femoral artery be involved, the blood-supply to the foot and leg is cut off and gangrene of those parts must follow: effects. Murrell and Ringer recommend the inhalation of wine of ipecac, in the form of a spray over produced by a hand-atomizer, in the treatment of winter-cough and bronchial asthma. Revell and Alicia service was established; extra appliances for demonstration procured; the curriculum enlarged; the number of instructors increased and cjuiz classes and a post-graduate course estab Taylor, and uses an increased number of pupils was enrolled.

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When the case has progressed so far that the nervous system is profoundly shocked, indicated by the pinched features, the dicrotic pulse, the intense thirst and and subsultus tendinum, in addition to other remedies, stimulants and cardiac tonics should be administered with a free every four hours, combined with too generic freely given adds to the thirst.

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