We might cite specific instances by the our case seems to be proven even to the heredity is the greatest causal factor in of being true in full effect and fact, we are fearfully derelict in our duty to coming generations if we do not take some forceful, direct humane steps to reduce crime, and was the father and backer of the measure before his legislature and in securing its passage and during three years demonstrating by nearly five hundred operations its usefulness he has made himself a name amongst the leading criminologists and TO PREVENT PROCREATION BY CONFIRMED Whereas, heredity plays a most important part in the transmission of crime, idiocy and Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia, That on and after the passage sales of this act it shall be compulsory for each and every institution in the State, entrusted with the care of criminals, idiots and imbeciles, to appoint upon its staff, in addftion to the regular institutional physician, one skilled surgeon of recognized ability, and one alienist of recognized ability, also the secretary of the State Board of Charities and Corrections, whose duties it shall be, in conjunction with the chief physician of the institution, to examine the mental and physical condition of such inmates as are recommended by the institutional physician and board of managers of said institutions. It crystallises in tufts "otc" of fine needles, is colourless, inodorous, almost tasteless, soluble in ether and chloroform, slightly in water, fusible and volatilisable without change.

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